Executive Chef

Virginia-born Chef Stephen R. Cassevoy received his professional training at Newbury College of Culinary Arts in Brookline, Massachusetts. His 22 years of professional experience have included the position of Executive Chef at several high-profile establishments. Among them, the renowned Grill 23 & Bar, Boston; Fynn’s of Boston; The “Original” House of Blues both in Cambridge, Massachusetts and at the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California; and most recently, The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows in Beverly Hills, California. In 1998, The Beverly Hills Hotel received its third consecutive Mobil Five-Star rating; the prestigious Five Star Diamond Award for excellence in food service; and was named by Leaders Magazine as One of the Top Ten Hotels in the World. 

Chef Cassevoy’s background features specialties including American Grille; Northern Italian; and Homestyle cooking. This is exemplified by the types of cuisine offered in his kitchens. Grill 23 & Bar featured an eclectic collection of American recipes and specialized in aged prime beef, seafood, and veal. Fynn’s of Boston offered a straightforward American cuisine with Southwestern influences and specialized in fresh products including seafood, pasta, prime beef, veal and poultry. The House of Blues offered “Delta Inspired Cuisine” in the main restaurant and club while the Foundation Room (a private VIP dining room) featured Chef Cassevoy’s own upscale, fine-dining menu: Pacific Rim married with traditional American cuisine and highlighted by Northern Italian influences. All food served in the House of Blues was made “in the house.”

Chef Cassevoy credits his earliest instruction to his great-aunt, Ruth Rich Holbrook, a wonderful homestyle cook who inspired his love for cooking. This inspiration has led him into a successful career that has been achieved through his passion, dedication, and self-confidence. He has been recognized by Chefs in America with a “Top 10% Chefs in America” certificate; and has been featured in both Town & Country and Boston Magazine. In 1987, Chef Cassevoy was appointed Consulting Chef for menu development at Waltham/Weston Hospital, and was also a contributing author to the Salute to Great American Chefs/Benedictine and B&B Liqueurs Anniversary Cookbook.

In regard to his specialty in American cuisine, Chef Cassevoy predicts growth in both American and regional cuisine (which highlights regional products.) “This trend,” states Cassevoy, “will encourage chefs to create unique variations of different regional cuisines by adding their own personal style.”