Lovely January bonus Golf Day………..43 lucky players !!

Dylan Harrington takes 1st Quota prize…….carding a smooth 1 over Par 37 on the Back 9 !!

Don “The Divot” Benner also goes 1 over………but timely birdies on Holes 14 and 17 get him ALL the Skins

Perhaps Don can now purchase some attire which is more acceptable for our lovely facility and ditch the Dad Jeans !!

Thursday Marauders…..January 6th, 2022…..first one of the new year (and last one for a while, it looks like)

Mike Massman comes out of NOWHERE to post a career best 41 on the Front 9 to dominate the Quota contest, coming in a Plus 9 !!

Also on the board were Anthony Hale (again), Eric Ritcey (Marshfield CC must be closed), and some Davis guy (finally)

5 skins winners…..Hale, Ritcey, Jack (I’m the best player in the family) Birolini, 6 degrees of Wally Shea, and Fergus (this is my part time job) Keane.


Thursday Men’s League…..The MARAUDERS………..NEW YEARS CLASSIC !!

Once again, Colin Donohue takes top prize, with a timely Birdie on Hole # 5, earning the night’s only Skin.

Russell “NEWMAN” Parker takes top Quota position, carding a smooth even par 35 on the Front 9

35 Brave Players on Thursday, December 23rd…


Today’s Winners…


Big Larry Fagan………6 points over Quota


Skins Game…


Fergus Keane;  Birdies on Holes 5 and 6

Dan the Stash; Birdie on Hole 9